General Search

On this site, a quick search searches across the Title and Contents fields only. When more than one term is entered, the system links them together by default as an AND search.

Advanced Search

An Advanced search allows you to search individual fields across all records.

Any text

Use this field to search across all the text fields in the entire database. You can enter any word or phrase here just as you would in a web search engine like Google.


This field only allows searches for periods or single days, entered in various formats. Periods can be searched in the following formats: 1922 or December 1915 or 12/10/1919-31/10/1920. Single days can be searched in formats such as: 27/06/1907 or 1-10-1923 or 13.6.1913.

Search Results

The initial results of a search will be listed in summary form with just the RefNo field, Title field and the first three lines of the Contents field of each record displayed. By clicking on the RefNo of any individual Record you will be able to obtain all other information about that Record; by clicking on the Contents field of any individual Record you will be able to obtain the full description. To return to the overview (in the summary Search Results) click the “Return to search results” button or use the “back” button of your web browser.
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