General Search

The General Search facility only searches for words in the Title and Contents fields of the Catalogue database.

+ represents Boolean And, meaning the search result must include this word

- represents Boolean Not, meaning the search result must exclude this word

| represents Boolean Or, meaning the search result may include this word

Place one of these symbols before a word or phrase to apply it. If no symbols are used, Boolean 'And' is assumed.


Pathos -Formula

Searches all configured fields for the word 'Pathos'. Excludes any records with the word 'Formula' from the search results.

Typing a search field name (e.g., Title) with a colon followed by a search term will limit the enquiry just to that one search field. If no field names are specified, all configured fields are searched.


Title: Pathos

Searches for the word ‘Pathos’ in the Title field only.



Searches the Title and Contents fields only for the word 'Pathos'. Take care when entering search words/phrases to ensure you get the intended results.


Title: Pathos Formula

Searches for records which have the word ‘Pathos’ in the Title field and the word 'Formula' in ANY configured field. Use (double) quotes around a search term to return exact matching phrases. <


"Pathos Formula"

Searches all configured fields just for the exact phrase ‘Pathos Formula' i.e. the two words together with a space between, 'Formula' following 'Pathos'.


Pathos Formula

Searches all configured fields for the words 'Pathos' and 'Formula' anywhere i.e. not necessarily next to each other with 'Formula' following 'Pathos'.

Advanced Search

Unlike quick searches, advanced searches do not require you to enter command syntax such as the Boolean symbols or specify field names. Instead, follow the on-screen annotations next to and inside the entry boxes. They guide you to perform searches for records containing all the words entered, records containing at least one of the words entered or records without the words entered. Boolean 'And' is assumed, for example if you enter Pathos in the Title field and Formula in the Contents field, only records containing both 'Pathos' and 'Formula' (in their respective fields) will be found, records containing just one of these words will not be shown in the search results.
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