Ref NoWIA GC/27346
TitleWarburg, Aby to Warburg, Mary 16/12/1901
WriterWarburg, Aby
Place1Braunschweig, Deutsches Haus
RecipientWarburg, Mary
Contentsthe trip to and the stay in Helmstedt have been very good; enjoyed the company of John [Johann Nicolaus Hertz]; is ashamed how easy Warburg's life is in comparison to John's; he left early in the morning to travel via Braunschweig to Wolfenbüttel; Warburg achieved something remarkable that the dreaded librarian Dr. [Otto von] Heinemann ['Bibliothekslindwurm'] showed him rare manuscripts; calls him 'Schlangenthier', 'serpent animal', but Warburg did not show any fear; the 77 year old man showed him manuscript after manuscript, but only two minutes for each of them, behaved like a magician in front of his apprentice; comments that the precious manuscripts are kept in the splendid state apartments, which are not heated; the library is the typically German counterpart to the Biblioteca Laurenziana [in Florence]; Warburg wants to return to the library and the museum the next day; asks Mary to assure 'the trembling hind', ['zitternde Hirschkuh', Miss Marie Hirsch] that she just has to try it out, that she needs to find out how long she will take to read one page; mentions Philippchen and Johanna; apologizes for being curt with Mary; is clear in his mind that they need to settle in Hamburg, otherwise they will not feel at home anywhere and will feel demoralised the whole time; sends greetings to Detta [Marietta Warburg], Franziska and Mary's father

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